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Luxury log homes and cottages

For a unique and authentic log home or cottage, trust the experts at Harkins, a company renowned and recognized for its professionalism and top quality work.


Our wood constructions speak for themselves. They’re unique and meet each of our clients’ needs.

Get inspired by some of them.

Our team of architects and wood craftsmen has the experience and passion to create the log home of your dreams. To accomplish such a project, it’s essential to call on experienced individuals who have a proven track record. Check out our accomplished projects and you will see the extent of our knowledge and expertise. Harkins is a family business that has been building log homes since the early 2000s. Over the course of the company’s history, our experts have worked on a wide range of projects, from a simple lakeside cottage to a grand log home on a mountainside.

Regardless of the size of your project, Harkins can provide you with a haven carefully thought out, designed, and seamlessly blended with nature.




The inhabitants of North America have always used whatever materials were available to build their homes. The abundance of trees on our territory quickly led our ancestors to favour log houses. Despite the fact that techniques have greatly evolved, some ancestral log houses are still inhabited today.


The Scandinavian technique, developed in the early 1900s, is a refined method of construction that combines waterproofing, insulation, strength, beauty, and longevity. We have been using this technique since our company's founding and have even adapted it to reach even higher standards of construction quality.


Did you know that by choosing a log home or cottage, instead of using other materials such as steel or concrete, you are actually helping to fight climate change? Wood, even when cut, absorbs CO2 from nature and traps it!


Logs provide many benefits and have countless qualities that make this material so timeless. People appreciate the warmth, the natural look, and the authentic and unique aspect of a log home, as it offers a genuine haven. The scent of wood, even after many years, provides unparalleled comfort and tranquility. Beyond appearance, there is also the structure of a log home. This type of construction is strong, solid, and long-lasting. With regular maintenance, your log home will endure through the years despite the weather and the wear and tear of time.


Trust the experts at Harkins

We begin by carefully selecting standard, medium-diameter, 15-inch white pine logs. Our trees come from forests where logging is done in a way that respects the environment.

The logs then have the bark removed, are planed, and are adjusted with a leveling compass. The shape of the bottom log is reproduced with great accuracy onto the next log, creating a very tight joint. Each log is hand carved with great care and attention to details. In the lateral groove in the centre of the log, a double layer of “P-Gasket” insulation is added to ensure a perfect seal.


To get to the final product, we generally proceed with five main steps with our clients. The following is a summary of each of these steps.


The first step of any project begins with acquiring the land. Once this step is done, you can then start making plans. Harkins has an architectural team specializing in logs. Together, we will develop a preliminary plan based on your ideas and needs. Plan costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the project.


Working from the approved preliminary plan, we will be able to make an initial estimate of the costs to complete the project, allowing you to make a decision on the next step. Once the quote is approved, we will send you a contract. Once the contract is signed, your order is confirmed in our production schedule.


Once the final choices are made (i.e. doors, windows, and finish), our team of architects will draw up a detailed and precise plan of the log home or cottage construction project.


Here are the payment terms:

30% of the amount upon signing the contract
30% of the amount when the walls are four feet high
30% of the amount when the walls are fully erected
10% of the amount in the 10 days following the delivery of the frame and the elements included in the project


The Scandinavian technique is unique. It is possible to copy it by taking shortcuts, but it cannot match true authenticity. At Harkins, we have taken it to the next level by improving assembly techniques and guaranteeing an exceptional quality of wood.

Here are some important facts about the Scandinavian technique:

1. Our constructions use carefully selected white pine logs. The logs selected must meet the following standards:

  • no excessive twisting (as per the rules of the art)
  • completely sound
  • evenly distributed – On average, 40-foot logs are 18″ in diameter at the base and 13″ in diameter at the opposite end.
  • a diameter varying between 12 and 20 inches
  • from an environmentally friendly forest
  • grown within a 200 km radius of our site


2. Once the logs are delivered, the bark is removed and the logs are planed by hand on site in order to preserve the natural beauty of the wood.


3. The logs are adjusted precisely with a leveling compass.

  • the shape of the bottom log is reproduced with great accuracy onto the next log, creating a very tight joint
  • each log is then meticulously hand carved one by one


4. A lateral groove in the centre of the log allows for the addition of an insulator (P-Gasket) during the final assembly of the house. No other additional fastening system or insulation is needed.

This technique permits free openings to allow the wood to sag as it dries. As the house dries, it settles with all its weight, permanently sealing the joints.


Dreamed about it enough and feel ready to embark on a log home building project? Schedule an appointment with a member of our team today.


Our wood craftsmen carefully select white pine logs with diameters ranging from 12 to 20 inches. White pine is the ideal option for a log home. Our trees come from forests where logging is done in a way that respects the environment.

That is a difficult question to answer. Cost is directly related to the specifications in the plan and quote, the diameter of the wood, the number of corners, and how complex the construction is. A log house constructed by hand generally costs a little more than a conventional house or a manufactured log home. Its unique and artisanal character gives it greater value. 

For the wooden structure, you should expect to pay $100 to $150 per square foot, whereas a turnkey project (self-built or with a general contractor) will cost you between $350 and $500 per square foot.

By scheduling an appointment with a member of our team, we will be able to provide you with a cost estimate once the preliminary plan has been made.

When the project is set in motion, the structure is prepared first on a site located in Mont-Blanc (formerly Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré). The logs are identified, dismantled, and then transported to the building site.

The structure is placed on the foundation and floor or slab structure that has been prepared according to Harkin’s plans. Reassembling the structure takes approximately one to three days depending on the project. 

Then the conventional roof framing, installation of doors, windows, and all exterior and interior finishings can begin, bringing the construction of your log home project to an end!  Expect six to eight months after the structure has been assembled before you can move in.

Building a log house is an art. There is a reason why our wood craftsmen experts receive two to three years of training before acquiring the knowledge and experience to be autonomous. This type of construction is much more complex than erecting 2×6 walls with gypsum. Special tools and a crane are required to work with logs. Transportation equipment and expertise are also required to erect the structure. Trust the professionals at Harkins.  

Wood has the ability to store energy in its mass and release it when the temperature of the house drops. It acts as a natural insulator. At Harkins, we use logs with an average diameter of 15 inches and we add insulation in the gaps between the logs to ensure a watertight seal and a high-energy efficiency.

A construction project requires a lot of time on the client’s part. Here are four important tasks the client needs to take care of:

  • Obtain the necessary permits from the municipality
  • Handle the preparation of the foundation and the floor (the final plan needs to be approved by Harkins before work begins)
  • Provide an electrical plan two weeks prior to delivery to indicate the location of the electrical boxes
  • Prepare the road and terrain to accommodate a 25-ton mobile crane (minimum) and a 46-foot trailer truck

We make the arrangements for the transportation of the logs and the mobile crane needed for reassembly. Our team is responsible for reassembling the logs of your house (within one to five days).

Aside from its authentic look and unique smell, logs offer a solid and durable structure that will withstand the elements. Wood provides a peaceful haven where you can find warmth and comfort.