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Where you assemble structures log?
Your projects are our workshop located on Highway 117 in St-Faustin-Lac-Carré, in the region of Mont-Tremblant, and then be transported to the site of your choice by a carrier of wood.
Do you have a catalog model?
For us, each project is unique and we can work from your architectural plans and modify them as needed to fit the specifications of the log house. We can also produce your plans according to your needs and specifications. Our architectural technologist will guide you throughout this process.
How much does a log home or a Scandinavian Scandinavian stud?
This is the most difficult to answer question here. Prices are directly related to the diameter of the wood, with the design specifications and estimates, the number of parts and the complexity of the construction. A log home handmade usually cost a little more than a conventional or a log home manufactured home. His unique style and craftsmanship gives it greater value. We will be happy to answer all your questions and give you a summary of estimated demand.
What are the basic elements included in a draft Scandinavian house?
  • White pine logs (or other fuel) required for the project
  • Beams and joists covering half the area of ​​the floor according to plan (loft)
  • Openings for doors and windows
  • Key paths for angles iron doors and windows
  • Water jet departure
  • Angle irons for doors and windows
  • Cleaning the log structure on the site of the manufacturer
  • Cut surpluses and sanding pieces of logs
  • Walls of squared timber ready to receive the carpentry
  • Reassembly of the frame on the foundation of customer
  • Crane necessary for reassembly of the structure on the foundation of customer
  • Insulation between the logs (in the side sections and the notch) at the final winding
  • For five (5) years on structural elements
What is the energy efficiency of a log home?
It is now recognized that log homes are energy efficient. Indeed, the thermal mass of solid wood has a significant impact on the insulation factor. Unlike all other insulation materials, wood is heavy and has a capacity to store energy in its mass and release it when the temperature of the lower house. Studies commissioned by the "Log Home Council" have shown that the most significant for a log home heat loss are the same as those found in conventional homes. These losses are mainly found at the top of the cathedral ceiling, around window frames and doors as well as the junction at the top of the walls. An American study also showed that the thermal performance of roundwood logs reaches an energy factor of R-22 for built with logs 10'' diameter that no other insulation was added home. We use logs with a minimum diameter of 12'' and adding insulation in the side between the logs ensures greater energy efficiency.

FAQ June 26, 2013