We are proud to distribute Andersen windows and doors, Energy Star ® qualified. Our choice fell on Andersen products for several reasons:

  • The largest manufacturer of windows and doors in North America
  • Rich one hundred years of experience in the field
  • Environmentally responsible company: only 2% of manufacturing waste.

Product that offers many advantages such as:

  • 20 year warranty for thermos
  • 10-year warranty on tiles and screens
  • Exterior pvc, different color choices, non-conductive, prevents condensation.
  • Dried and treated with wood preservative `
  • Easy to clean windows
  • Supplied with a plastic film inside and outside

Nous travaillons habituellement avec la Série-400.

Plusieurs variétés de produits sont disponibles, pour de plus amples informations vous pouvez visiter le site Andersen.

Ce service est offert à tous, quel que soit votre projet, pour particulier ou entrepreneur.