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Harkins is a story of family and passionate people who chose to use their expertise and expertise and know-how in the early 2000s to start a company that has become a reference in the field of today a reference in the field of log homes and timber frames. Here are a few highlights from the Harkins story.


A company that has continued to grow since 2000

In 2000, André Harkins had already been working as a wood craftsman for a dozen years and that’s when he decided to take a leap of faith. Partnering with his wife, Christine, and son, David, they founded Harkins. While David and André travelled from site to site to build log houses, Christine took care of the management and administration of the company.

More than 20 years later, the company is shining bright. Despite its successes, Harkins remains a story about family and passionate people who chose to use their expertise and knowledge to start a company in 2000 that has now become a leader in the field of log and timber frames houses. 

Here are a few highlights of Harkins’ history.

As a result of the success of the first few years, Harkins decided to move to the next step by acquiring some property along Route 117, near Saint-Faustin. The first sawmill and overhead crane building was built there in 2004, allowing the team to be more visible and be able to assemble log houses with appropriate tools before moving them to the client’s properties.

Keeping with the momentum, in 2006, the Harkins family opened its first office to receive clients. Since it’s a family business, André, Christine, and David didn’t have to look far and wide to recruit someone. Amélie, the youngest of the family, joined Harkins as an architectural technologist. She designed their first log house using the Scandinavian technique, and Harkins now relies on architectural services.

Harkins gained more recognition and became a major player in the wood industry. Despite that the majority of projects were done for clients located in Quebec, a first international order came in 2008. The entire team worked to construct a log house that was delivered and erected in… Palestine! Five years later, three log cottages were built and delivered to Morocco. 

Throughout the 2010s, Harkins continued to grow and strengthen its team of wood craftspeople. With the help of increasingly advanced techniques, the Harkins family was able to offer even more to its clients.

In 2020, Harkins celebrated its 20th anniversary. Throughout the year, Harkins, with its team of 40 people, celebrated the accomplishments of the past two decades. Although the company continued to grow, André, Christine, David, and Amélie worked hard to create a sense of family. They believe that every employee is part of the family, and they’re treated as such. It’s one of Harkins’ genuine strengths. 

Despite the company’s reputation being well established, Harkins isn’t taking its position in the industry for granted. They continue to invest in new infrastructures that allow them to better protect their team from bad weather, extend the building season, and build even more round wood houses and cottages. Although new challenges await the team in the coming years, the core of the company remains centered on its values of collaboration, quality, and respect.