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Fall is upon us, and with the change of seasons comes a desire for comfort, softness and warmth. At the heart of our wooden houses, kitchens take a special place in the design and creation of places. Our team had the pleasure of seeing everything; from small utility kitchens to luxury kitchens with built-in pizza ovens.

Let us share with you some favorites and some ideas to help you plan a unique kitchen in your log home or timber frame house.

An open concept in a log home featuring a living room with a fireplace and a spacious kitchen - Harkins

The Practical and Inviting Kitchen

Whether you have a log house or a trust and beam house, integrating a kitchen will be a key moment for you. During the planning and plan creation period, you will need to decide on the location of each component of this important room.

For some of our customers, the key word is simplicity and user-friendliness. We collaborate with kitchen designers who will have to design a practical kitchen, which blends with the existing decor, and which invites sharing.

Very often, we integrate an open concept, which allows the kitchen to be joined to neighboring rooms. At times, we manage to offer a view of the foyer, which certainly gives atmosphere, at least in the cooler months.

Small or large, the design of a log house kitchen differs very little from a conventional house. Once in a while, we install kitchens with lower cabinets only, leaving the upper wall clear from cabinets, bringing the spotlights on the beautiful wall logs.  

A modern and scandinavian kitchen with white cabinets in a log home - Harkins

The Modern Kitchen Integrated Into the Wooden House

Do you like Scandinavian-style designs, and doubt the possibility of integrating clean lines and a different type of wood than that used in the construction of your log or carpentry house? Don’t hesitate any longer, it’s not only possible, but also magnificent.

The beauty of wood is its uniqueness. No tree is the same, and the mix of textures and species only add life to the design. The key, in our opinion, is to tie it all together with neutral and simple materials, in order to avoid overloading the eye.

You could, for example, install a kitchen with smooth doors, or shaker doors, in a pale or white wood type, with black handles and combine everything with a black quartz or granite countertop.

You could also order a two-tone kitchen, including white cabinets and wood cabinets (walnut, or maple, or ash) and include very discreet handles.

Shelves with simple, understated lines will also highlight the wood to which they are attached.

A classic-style kitchen with a wood-fired pizza oven in a log cabin - Harkins

The More Traditional Cuisine of Classic Log Houses

A few years ago, a client gave us the mandate to build a luxurious, rather classic log house, incorporating a wood-fired pizza oven, nestled in a stone wall. What a great challenge, and what a majestic central element.

Do you prefer a classic style, which blends with the old-fashioned image of log houses? It’s perfect, you can integrate a decorative hood, covered with wood or plaster. Go with a sober and neutral backsplash, and white painted wooden cabinets for a little more punch…

A Kitchen That Suits You, in Your Log Home!

In the end, what really matters is that you can find a design and configuration that suits you and meets your functional needs. Your kitchen is a gathering place, a place of work, of meal preparation and enjoyment. It is essential to maximize the efficiency of the premises, whether by planning the space to promote ergonomics of work, the storage of tools and utensils, food and lighting.

Don’t neglect these practical aspects, making all the difference in cooking. It is definitely possible to combine functionality and beauty, by working with design experts. As it is one of the most used rooms in the house, take the time to create a kitchen that suits you, in a wooden house in your image.

Our website showcases different projects pictures and examples to inspire you.  Do not hesitate to contact our architectural team to plan your construction project. Take the time to look at our different creations and draft a few plans to make up your mind. Whether you are looking for a Scandinavian-style log house, or a traditional timber frame house, we have experienced carpenters to help you.


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