“Vacay” in a Log Home

The Christmas holidays are barely over and it’s already time to plan for spring break and summer vacation…

If trends continue, spending locally will still be popular in the months to come.  So, we would like to encourage you to think about vacationing locally as well.  Not merely staying within the borders of “la belle province” but taking it a step further and renting a warm and inviting log chalet.

You bet!  The real deal – Quebecois style – this winter, with massive beams, a fireplace, plaid shirts and cozy blankets.

Travel locally, visit locally, eat out locally…and rent a chalet made locally.  When you’re in the Laurentians, there are so many ways to live out this social movement…with the exception of a small detour for fresh vegetables; unless, of course, you are already signed up for your local farmer’s basket in which case you can be completely and totally guilt free!

Did you know that in St-Faustin-Lac-Carré there is an irresistible team of craftsmen and carpenters who transform white pine into prestigious log homes?

No nails, no screws, no fibreglass insulation (we use “P-Gaskets” specially designed for log homes)…nothing but beautiful pine logs with a diameter varying from 14 to 24 inches to construct a warm, inviting and unique home.

Why are we crazy about log cottages?

You may be asking yourself why it would be so special to rent of buy a log home.  Allow me to share our experience:

  1. Wood brings us back to the basics: nature. 

    It’s simple…the first time I set foot in a log home, I felt instantly relaxed.  I’ll admit that the house was on the side of a mountain surrounded by lush forests as far as the eye can see.  Those who appreciate this style of architecture usually choose a magnificent site and orientation for their residence.  You’ll get the full “WOW” effect!

  2. You get the impression that you’re living inside a work of art sculpted just for you!

    Have you ever had the opportunity to see a log that has been hand sculpted by an expert? Each stroke of the artisan’s work is inscribed in the wood.  You can see the marks of the blade that he used. You can feel it with your fingers.  In today’s world of efficiency, everything is factory-made, assembly line manufactured with no uniqueness. Be assured, a Scandinavian log home made for you by Harkins will be quite simply unique. No two walls will be the same because each tree is unique and the craftsman who worked that wood will have left his personal touch.

  3. Log homes that are built to last

    Log homes are recognized for being built to last – at least those that are built by professionals and not amateurs.  Their design in which each log rests on the preceding and is sculpted for a perfect fit makes these structures extremely resistant.  Log homes have even resisted tornado winds in the United States.  So, as you’re reading “The Three Little Pigs” to your children or nieces and nephews, you can reassure them:  The Big Bad Wolf could never blow this house down!  Or if your guests are engrossed in a high-decibel sing-along, fear not!  Those walls will never tremble!  Of course, your neighbours may come knocking!

  4. A change of scenery

    In the city, we’re surrounded by brick and mortar, pre-fab and Copy and Paste.  I know! I live in suburbia in a neighbourhood where there were two construction companies and two models of homes.  So, if you want to stand out a bit from the house next door, you have to work hard.  A log chalet, an authentic log chalet made by Harkins, is a tailor-made chalet.  That means that they took the time to understand the needs of the person who wanted to build something unique.  A home that is peaceful, where you are surrounded by wood, surrounded by the inspiration of the person who took the time to think through the design, considering the physical site, the prevailing winds and the view.  And that is why so often you are able to stand before a window and gaze upon a lake, a mountain side or a dense forest. 

  5. Because vacations are meant to be spent elsewhere

    You have to admit – whether you’re in the Laurentians, in Lanaudiere, the Eastern Townships or Charlevoix, being elsewhere is amazing!  Just getting away from the daily routine and stress, in an inviting and enchanting setting, does a world of good.  We can try to convince ourselves that a “staycation” is best for the budget, but as you’re sitting by the fireplace, totally relaxed, the children fast asleep after a day of outdoor play and no one can disturb you because there’s no internet (voluntarily or not) – it’s wonderful!

You want to experience a true scandinavian log home?

If you’re looking for a chalet to rent, here are a few leads.  Some of our favorites that we recommend! You guessed right – Harkins signature chalets for rent!

If you’re looking for a chalet to rent, here are a few leads.  Some of our favorites that we recommend! You guessed right – Harkins signature chalets for rent!




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