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11-Tendance au top pour votre maison 1200 x 630


Whether you prefer a more rustic, traditional style or a more daring, contemporary look, a Scandinavian log home offers a myriad of design options! Textures, materials, colours and finishes can be combined endlessly to the delight of wood lovers. More and more owners and future owners are showing an interest in integrating modern elements to add a unique touch to their home.

Curious to learn more? For Amélie Harkins, architectural technologist, changing materials and colours can showcase the beauty of the round wood.


The kitchen is a place for warmth and togetherness. It needs to be welcoming, functional and…pretty! Wood or white composite or colourful kitchens are on trend, while dark wood is out, as we look for fluidity, uniformity. Contrast, even minimal contrast, between the wood walls and the cabinets makes for an eye-catching look, with contemporary touches. The kitchen sets the tone, and by accenting it with a stone or quartz counter, you can impress even the most sceptical. If you opt for a granite counter, ask to see products with a leather finish (matte with texture). It’s chic, refined, and likely to take up more and more space in the market.

Take a look at some of our finished homes, and you’ll see some beautiful kitchens! These kitchens act as an anchor point in our homes. A place to gather and celebrate, to relax or to entertain!

Réalisation de cuisine maison bois rond
Photo de Harkins inc.


Stone or ceramic: Slate is a natural material of particular beauty. It’s possible to get tiles of various sizes. No matter the format, using slate in a log home adds an interesting texture and unique finish that draws the eye in and breaks up monotony. Plus, slate can be used for heated flooring, which is a great addition to any washroom or basement. Another possibility is to install ceramic to bring a more modern look to your space. There are so many great options that remind us of concrete. Natural stone, just dare to do it!

Cuisine bois rond avec plancher céramique
Photo de Harkins inc.

Stained wood flooring: If wood remains your preference, you can switch up the colour of the floor by opting for a light finish or dark finish, instead of keeping it the same colour as the walls. Once again, the comfort of wood is unmatched, but if you’re worried about being bored in an all wood environment, you can mix up the stains for a more interesting result. And if you’re not up for changing the flooring, why not lighten the ceiling boards? A surefire favourite!


You can add a slate wall, a cork wall or a gypse wall that can serve as a creative family wall. The idea is to have a space to draw with chalk and hang drawings and photos. This little corner will serve as a reminder of the life within your space and an ephemeral art exhibit that changes with the seasons. All you have to do is check in with your architecture technologist during the planning stage.

Réalisation salon maison de bois rond
Photo de Harkins inc.


Once again, mixing textures can be a recipe for success, to draw the eye and knock your decor out of the park. We tried cement counters in one of our Timber Frame homes, but the result would be just as stunning in a log home. This counter, on a wooden vanity with a raised sink gives an incredible look to this powder room. The idea is to use your imagination to marry robustness and softness, and surround it with style. The black framed mirror and the light fixtures are in the same contemporary style, and we simply adore it. You can bring any of the current trends into your log home!

entrée maison bois rond
Photo de Harkins inc.


Bringing nature into your home is in, and it’s so soothing! Indoor plants, puffs and furniture in bamboo, linen, wool… Surrounding ourselves with softness, nature and greenery. Terracotta, warm white, lavender and green hues are back in full force, and give out log homes and cabins an extra bit of softness. Loading up on products and items from the boreal forest is therapeutic. A few months ago, we penned an article with seven great ways to enhance the ambiance in your log home. Don’t hesitate to check it out for more inspiration!


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