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The construction team at work for your log construction - Harkins


At Harkins, the construction of a log house or timber frame house is a question of passion, determination, and quality. As a family-owned business, we have employed talented carpenters and loggers for over 20 years.

Thanks to our team of wood craftsmen and experts, we have been offering quality wooden chalets and houses of varying sizes since 2000.

Here is an overview of what allows us to offer you the best quality wood construction, guaranteed:

1. The Architectural Team
2. The Timber Frame Team
3. The Log Home Team
4. The Clients’ Team

1. The Architectural Team

Made up of three people, our architectural team dedicated to personalized drawings and plans specializes in the construction of wooden houses (log homes and timber frames).

We offer our services to conceptualize, organize, and design your vision of a log home or timber frame cottage that stands out and meets industry standards. Thanks to the preliminary plan, you will be able to obtain a detailed quote from our team for the entire log wood or timber frame components.

It is possible for you to carry out the project as a self-construction (according to compliance with the construction standards in place in the province where the house is built), or to do business with a general contractor.

The plans are finalized when our clients have completed their selections, the budget is confirmed, and above all when the land and the layout of the house are officially determined.

2. The Timber Frame Team

If you opt for a high-end timber frame house, our specialized carpenters team dedicated to this type of construction will take over to realize your vision.

The team’s specialized carpenters (some of whom are companions of duty) will first carry out the necessary steps at our site for the assembly of beams and posts according to the plans.

When the structures are ready, our team of accredited carpenters-joiners travels to the site in order to build the ordered timber frame house. Once again, our services vary depending on a multitude of factors, but the quality of the material and workmanship does not change.

A member of the timber frame team in action on a Harkins log construction project - Harkins

3. The Log Home Team

If you have chosen to build a log cabin or a luxury secondary log home, it is our team of loggers (wood craftsmen) specializing in the creation of high-end log homes who will carry out the project.

At our Mont-Blanc site, we have all the equipment necessary for preparing logs, cutting them, assembling them perfectly, and mounting your project. Our loggers are specialized in the Scandinavian construction technique, which we have improved over the years.

Last year, we invested in building a sheltered workshop which allows us to offer quality products over a longer period of the year. Being sheltered from the elements is appreciated by our employees, and by our customers who benefit from our services for longer.

Among the distinctive points of this method, we must highlight the waterproofness and airtightness of the structure, its robustness, and its durability thanks to a precise and proven technique.
The members of this team will construct the building’s structure on-site, before numbering each part to proceed with dismantling, which will be followed by transport to the final assembly site: your land.

A member of the log team in action for a Harkins log construction project - Harkins

4. The client’s team

We could not build a wooden house without our precious clients who push us to innovate, to reinvent ourselves, to create unique homes.

It is thanks to your trust that we build dozens of houses each year in Quebec, Ontario, and other regions of the world.

The client team is the one who must prepare their lot for our arrival, and we know that when you contact us, you have very often been thinking about your project for many years.

For your trust for more than 23 years, we say thank you!


Harkins specializes in the construction of log and post and beam (timberframe) homes.  Our family business offers you personalized experience, based on 30 years of expertise in the domain.  Harkins is a reference in the log home industry and also in timber structures.  Our homes can be delivered and installed anywhere in Canada and overseas.

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