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It all started with a love for the Laurentides, its mountains, its winter sports and its grandeur. André Harkins and his wife Christine, set up their home and their family there, in the small town of Lac-Carré. Here, André worked tirelessly to become a log home artisan. In April 2000, he took a leap of faith, and with 12 years of experience in the field, he started his own business with his wife, Christine, and son, David.

While André and David lead their teams on the worksite, Christine spearheads the administrative aspects of their operations.

Here are just a few bits of history on this company with heart, who offer the most beautiful wooden homes in all of Quebec!

  1. Harkins Log Structures sees the light of day in its most humble form.

    At the very start, the team would travel from place to place to build its homes. The logs were delivered to the site and the artisans would work them one by one, using their unique knowledge, resourcefulness, strength and creativity.

    From the very beginning, each home is a unique work of art, and the Scandinavian method is used to ensure the highest standard of quality.

  2. The first stage of growth and the creation of Harkins Log Structure’s worksite.

    Following the acquisition of the land along the 117 (just outside of St-Faustin), the first sawmill and bridge crane were installed (in 2004). This major investment puts the company right off the highway and allows them to build log homes directly on site, with specialized tools, before moving them to their clients’ land. More and more people start to see the construction and deconstruction of the homes, and passersby stop in to learn more about the company and our product.

    This same year, the first ‘Timber Frame’ project was completed, to the elatement of our clients. A new market emerges!

    Photo de Harkins Inc.

    In 2006, the company’s first office was established. Amélie Harkins joined the team as an Architecture technologist. Here, she welcomes clients and draws her first log home plans using the Scandinavian technique, infusing her creativity and unique touches in her creations. It’s under her leadership that the architectural services team operates.

    Our employees, artisans in their craft and passionate about construction, have their home base. It’s a major step for Harkins.

  3. Log homes across Canada and around the globe

    In 2008, the company carved its place among the lumber industry’s major players, and in the world Timber Frame and round wood experts and artisans, of course. Customers from around the world come to meet with Amélie and put pen to paper on their dream homes. Meanwhile, David ensures construction begins on time, respecting the plans and their deadlines, all while building a team of dedicated and talented builders. Most of the projects are built in the Laurentides, Estrie, the Eastern Townships and Lanaudière.

    For the first time, an order is delivered internationally! This is a major logistical challenge, led by David Harkins and Simon Bisaillons, two pillars of the company. Together, they exported and installed an impressive log home in Palestine, with the help of a local team who had everything to learn about our process.

    Photo de Harkins Inc.

    In 2013, three massive log cabins were designed, built and exported to Morocco–an event that brings much pride to the Quebec-born business.

  4. A passionate and talented team: the strength behind our company   

    If the core of the company is made up of the Harkins family, there is a whole group of builders and artisans who have been brought into it, many of whom have put down roots with us… Over the last 20 years, over 60 dedicated individuals have contributed to the company’s growth and success, on the worksite and in our offices.

    In addition to our employees, numerous collaborators and local and regional partners have helped support Harkins’ growth. Each project, whether it be based on the Scandinavian technique or traditional carpentry, is the fruit of lots of work, but also the dedication and expertise of passionate and qualified individuals for whom quality comes first.

    In 2020, Harkins celebrated its 20th birthday. 32 individuals, including seven round wood experts, six traditional hardwood carpenters, nine carpenter-joiners, two mechanics,  two illustrators, one estimator and five experts in accounting and administration, come together to form our current team.   

    Photo de Harkins Inc.

    Many have praised us for our work, as well as the excellence and quality of our homes. But what is and always will be the greatest honour, is to see that the homes we have built with hard work and ardour are loved and admired, and bring the peaceful respite that so many look for.

    All throughout this milestone year, we’ll share our brightest moments. We encourage you to do the same, and together we’ll hope for another 20 years of designing and building beautiful, warm, eco-friendly homes. 

Thank you for being part of Harkins’ story and for sharing our love of log homes! 


Harkins specializes in the construction of log and post and beam (timberframe) homes.  Our family business offers you personalized experience, based on 30 years of expertise in the domain.  Harkins is a reference in the log home industry and also in timber structures.  Our homes can be delivered and installed anywhere in Canada and overseas.

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