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Scandinavian log cabin construction


Harkins is recognized in the log home industry both in Canada and internationally. A devoted team of experienced loggers who work with a passion for building modern or classic log homes and chalets using the Scandinavian technique. Yearly, we manage to deliver 6 to 10 luxurious log home.

The Scandinavian technique is unequaled and makes it possible to offer the most demanding customers achievements of architectural beauty and incredible robustness.

So what are the stages of building a log home?

1. Selection of logs
2. Preparation of logs
3. Add insulation
4. Assembly
5. Disassembly, transportation, and installation

1.   Selection of logs

Each white pine chosen for our log cabin is selected from forests located less than 200 km from our wooden house manufacturing site. The forests are carefully chosen according to environmental criteria. We ensure that environmentally friendly cutting practices are respected.

On average, the logs are 15 inches in diameter. They are chosen for their qualities such as the absence of excessive tendrils, with regular and healthy scrolling on the whole.

Depending on the project, logs can be found between 12 inches and 20 inches. The length varies according to the requirements of Scandinavian construction.

2.   Preparation of logs

Each tree is hand carved with the greatest care. The bark is removed from the logs carefully and planned one by one by our loggers who inspect each log while working on it. Once prepared, the logs are adjusted with a leveling compass.

This work requires exceptional rigor; the shape of the bottom log is reproduced with great accuracy onto the next log, creating a very tight joint. The beauty of the Scandinavian technique lies in this piece-to-piece precision.

3. Add insulation

Once the preparation is complete, a double insulation rail also called “P-Gasket” is added in a lateral groove located in the center of each log. The purpose of this insulation is to ensure a perfect seal, which improves comfort, and the management of the interior temperature and protects the wood. No fixing system or additional insulation is required.

4.  Assembly

It is by following the architectural plans prepared by our qualified team, or at least approved by them, that the logs are prepared. Assembly occurs as the parts are ready. During that stage, openings for doors and windows are made, and each piece is numbered. Thus, the log house or chalet takes shape on our construction site, minus the roof, the doors and windows, and the interior finishing. Once the assembly of the wooden structure is completed, we are ready for the next step.

5. Disassembly, transportation, and installation

The log structure is dismantled piece by piece and a crane loads all the logs onto a transport truck. The convoy can then head to the location of the Scandinavian wooden house or chalet, where our team ensures the assembly and installation of our creation. 
It is then that the general contractor or self-employed contractor can take over and complete the residency. For a project in the Laurentians, our construction team can complete the complete framework of the house.

The Scandinavian technique is unique. Some try to copy it by taking shortcuts, but the result is not comparable.
Our team has taken the gamble of bringing the Scandinavian Roundwood technique to another level for a durable and reliable result. Do not delay and make an appointment soon to implement your project!


Harkins specializes in the construction of log and post and beam (timberframe) homes.  Our family business offers you personalized experience, based on 30 years of expertise in the domain.  Harkins is a reference in the log home industry and also in timber structures.  Our homes can be delivered and installed anywhere in Canada and overseas.

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