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6-Des vacances au chalet en bois rond 1200 x 630


After a winter spent “snowed in,” our slow return to normal feels good. Warm summer weather combined with a little vitamin D have certainly brought a little hope and cheer for what’s to come.

While we have a little more freedom and normalcy, one thing is for certain: our vacation will be spent here at home, in Quebec for the majority of us. This means that the local economy will have the wind in its sales for the summer season. We’ll once again be able to take advantage of the beautiful regions our province has to offer, all while shopping locally. Now is the perfect opportunity to spend some time in a log cabin and experience a natural and comfortable vacation right here in Quebec. Where better to spend your summer than in a real log cabin built by local artisans?

This summer, eat local, travel local, visit local… and rent a cabin built as locally as possible! Did you know that in St-Faustin-Lac Carré in the Laurentides, you can find top-tier wood artisans who work for Harkins, a family business that’s been up and running for 20 years?

This company builds warm, unique wood homes where the structure is assembled with no screws, no nails, no insulation (wood is insulating, and we use p-gaskets to ensure a tight seal), just beautiful pine logs, with a diameter of 14 to 24 inches. Interesting, isn’t it? There are more and more log homes to rent because the last year has certainly not slowed their construction, as told in this recent article on our site.


Are you wondering why it’s so wonderful to rent or buy a log cabin? Here are five reasons.

  1. Wood brings us back to the essence of life: nature.

    It’s not complicated, the first time we set foot in a log home, we feel instantly relaxed. You must admit that a home like this built on a mountain side, with its pines, firs, and oaks as far as the eye can see, allows you to let go, to recharge. Lovers of this architectural style usually pick the placement and orientation of their home with great care, for maximum wow factor!!

  2. It’s like living in a work of art built just for us!

    Have you ever seen a log hand sculpted by an expert? Each movement is etched into it. You can see the path the blade took as it sculpted the wood, you can feel it under your fingers. Everything in our world is factory-made, off an assembly line and nothing seems unique anymore. Well, in a Scandinavian log home built by Harkins, it’s simple–everything is unique. There is not one wall the same as another, because each tree is unique, and the individual who sculpted it left their personal mark.

  3. Log homes have unmatched durability!

    Log homes are known to last–at least those built by professionals and not by amateurs. Their design is such that each log rests on the one before in addition to being sculpted to fit perfectly. These elements make for extremely resistant structures. Log cabins have even been known to hold up during certain hurricanes in the United States. So, next time you’re reading the story of the Three Little Pigs to your children, your nieces or your nephews, you can tell them without hesitation that if the Big Bad Wolf comes to your home–it won’t move an inch!

    Plus, what’s durable is good for the environment. Find out why log homes are synonymous with the environment and good health in this recent article.

  4. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine

    In the city, we find ourselves surrounded with brick and mortar, prefabricated carbon copies. To stand out, you have to work hard. A log cabin, an authentic log cabin built by Harkins, is a made-to-order cabin constructed by individuals who work with the tree and its wood, while respecting and celebrating it. This means that Harkins’ artisans take the time to understand the needs of the client looking to build a unique space. A peaceful home. In a Harkins log home, we find ourselves surrounded by wood and the inspiration of an individual who took the time to think of each design element, to respect the escarpments, winds and the views. And that’s why we often find ourselves looking out the window to admire a lake, a mountainside, or a dense forest. Because this window was put there to allow us to escape…

  5. Because a vacation is made for getting away

    One must admit that no matter where you are in the Laurentians, in Lanaudière, the Eastern Townships or Charlevoix, getting away is magical! Being far from the chaos of everyday routines, in an inviting and captivating place–it feels good. When we find ourselves in nature, well rested, with the children asleep after a day of activity, well that feels really good.

Don’t wait any longer, head to a cabin and log home rental site to take advantage of these
magnificent places to discover and use this occasion to explore new regions, new
mountains, new lakes and new trails… Without forgetting to take time to relax and breathe
the comforting smell of wood.

If you’re looking to rent a cabin, here are a few places you can look–our recommendations
and favourites! These are just a few Harkins log cabins for rent.


Harkins specializes in the construction of log and post and beam (timberframe) homes.  Our family business offers you personalized experience, based on 30 years of expertise in the domain.  Harkins is a reference in the log home industry and also in timber structures.  Our homes can be delivered and installed anywhere in Canada and overseas.

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