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19- Une maison de bois rond, le cadeau parfait a demander pour noel 1200 x 630


The holidays are upon us. Our home are lit, decorated, and so inviting. Winter in a log home is peaceful, it’s quiet, it’s the warmth of a fire crackling in the fireplace.


If you’re short on gift ideas, why not think of giving yourself the gift of a Scandinavian log home! While you’re at it, take a look at our tips for finding a contractor for your log home. The Harkins team meets the most rigorous industry standards and maintains a high standard of quality. The research and development of more precise construction also sets us apart, and it’s with great pride that we look to innovate, even in the details you can’t see but that make our homes even better.

To make things easier, here are a few ideas so that this gift, the most beautiful of them all, gives you the warmth and comfort to take advantage of this winter and the holidays. Don’t take any chances when writing out your list, be precise!

There are few constructions as reliable and solid as a log home. Wood has a high thermal mass, which serves as an efficient, eco-friendly insulation. Its robustness, when well installed, paired with the finesse of the Scandinavian technique, means your Harkins home will have a long and promising future. You can learn more about why log homes are synonymous with the environment and good health here.

  1. First wish : A custom roof and porch

    Like with any conventional home, the roof of your wood home or cabin can be made with different materials: asphalt shingles, cedar shingles or even metal.

    When designing your plans, you’ll meet a stacked architectural services team. Don’t forget to ask that your roof extends at least four feet from the walls to keep snow and water away from the building, preserving it for much longer.

    Take advantage of this space by putting in a balcony, a porch or a space with mosquito netting…all different ways of extending the fun into any season all while protecting your pin logs. Imagine all the outdooring you could do: relaxation area, outdoor kitchen, spa or even a game area. The possibilities are infinite.

    It’s important to protect the wood from water to prolong its lifespan. By ensuring optimal maintenance of your home, you’ll preserve your investment for generations to come.

  1. Second wish: cathedral ceilings to embellish your log home

    From an architectural standpoint, cathedral ceilings are a thing of putting, showcasing the ingenuity and talent of our builders, who also showcase the strength of the logs used in the construction of the home.
    There are also other benefits to this design. As heat rises, the attic created by the cathedral ceiling becomes a great space to direct and trap hot air. Thanks to a ventilation system built just for log homes, it becomes possible to create air flow that favours the displacement of the heat to bring it back to the floor without using too much energy and ensuring air flow management.
    An upflow ceiling fan can also help prevent heat from gathering in an uncomfortable way in the upstairs rooms. This airflow will push hot air from the highest point of the ceiling down along the walls.

    Installing a fan at the highest point possible, allows aire to be displaced downwards in the summer, cooling the environment by 5 to 7 degrees celsius. Simply invert the airflow with each change in seasons! (summer/winter).

    Your heating and cooling specialist will be able to show you the different options available for taking full advantage of this kind of system.

  2. Third wish : The garden level (walk out) for more light and happiness in your Harkins home

    Often, the log and traditional carpentry (Timber Frame) homes we build are destined for mountainous or sloping terrains. That’s the beauty of what we have to offer: a home that adapts to its environment and fits right in.

    By building a walkout, winter will be more than pleasant as you’ll be able to take advantage of more sun, no matter where you’re situated and…you’ll maximize your space.

    A walkout also allows you to have a distinct entrance way for firewood, sports equipment, or even guests or noisy teenagers!

  3. Fourth wish : A dream mudroom, to keep your house tidy!

    One of the best things we can do in the winter is play outside and embrace this unique season. The challenge with winter sports is the fight against disorder, the clothing, the boots, the tuques…

    That’s why we recommend when planning your home that you integrate a front foyer, commonly referred to as a mudroom. Designed to facilitate the arrival of a group, with benches, cubbies for clothing, resistant and durable flooring, a heating system, and access to the laundry room, this room is a must have.

    By giving yourself designated space to contain the mess, and to allow your family and guests to bundle up or take off their many layers of clothing, you’re showing winter that you’re ready to play, ready to take advantage of its many faces.

  1. The ultimate wish : a trendy decor that will stand the test of time! ]

    Wood is timeless. Some classics gather dust, which might put off fans of a more contemporary style, who only see the wood home for its panache and plaid, or its worn in wool couches. Luckily, on the market and on the web, you’ll find lots of inspiring photos that show that linen and quartz, and granite and wool can come together to create a warm, modern feel. (Pssst… don’t forget to read our article on the subject, which you can find here!)


Maybe you won’t be able to give yourself this gift in 2022, but you can start planning your project now. It’s important to plan your project meticulously. A year in advance is not too early, especially with the increasing demand and longer time frames for each step.Don’t wait to make your appointment with our team in the new year, and do whatever you can to make this project happen!

Imagine, after shredding the slopes or discovering new forests while snowshoeing, the feeling of curling up in front of a warm fire…pure bliss!

We wish you a happy holiday, filled with rest, happiness, health and prosperity for you and your loved ones.


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