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If we’re investing in a log cabin or timber frame home, it’s because we appreciate the warmth and comfort that wood can bring. While some may choose to play up those qualities with rustic decor, others might opt to soften the look of their log cabin or timber frame home by going with more minimalist decor.

Here are 6 pro tips to help guide you.

1. More natural lighting

If your log cabin or timber frame home is in the middle of nature, you don’t have to put curtains or blinds on every window, especially those in common areas. This way, you’ll let more light in, which will brighten up your home. One thing that can be discussed with the Harkins architecture team when drawing up plans is orienting your home towards the sun. During this step, you’ll also be able to discuss the possibility of installing large windows to let in even more light.

2. Modern light fixtures

When choosing your light fixtures, avoid anything too large or too dark. Opt for discrete fixtures with pale finishes or light chandeliers in a chic black finish, which will pair perfectly with the wood, offsetting its imposing presence.

3. Add mirrors to create space

Wood is an imposing material that can take up a lot of space in a room. In order to offset that, you can install round or oval mirrors in a timber frame home because this shape pairs well with the horizontal lines the wood create. For a log home, it’s better to go with straighter lines to create more contrast. Mirrors will help reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space.

4. Go with another material for your fireplace

Stone pairs so well with wood, both noble and natural materials. A grey stone could really accent the warmer brown tones in the wood. Opting for a rectangular stone will give you a more modern look, while a rounder stone will add a more rustic feel to your home.

5. Choosing the right furniture

To really amp up the living room in a log cabin, it’s preferable to avoid big, dark leather couches. Instead, opt for a light or grey fabric couch and add fun touches with brightly coloured cushions!

6. Decor, but not too much

In terms of wall, shelving, and table decor, we recommend opting for clear vases that won’t look cluttered and will let lots of light through. Candle holders can also help soften the look of your log cabin or timber frame home.

Now you have a few tips and tricks in your back pocket for bringing a softer look to your home. Many of them are quick and easy to follow. You can also consult our achievements for more inspiration or contact us for more information about our services!


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