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wood log scandinavian technical

Wood Log scandinavian technical

  • We build with white pine logs carefully selected:
    • Without excessive spin (according to the rules of art)
    • Healthy choices logs
    • Logs with smooth scrolling
    • Diameter ranging from 12 to 18 inches, according to your specifications
    • From forest friendly environment
  • Peeled and hand gliding on our site logs to preserve the natural beauty of wood
  • Adjustment logs made ​​with precision using a compass level: the relief of the block at the bottom is reproduced with great accuracy on the next block to ensure a very tight seal
  • Each block is then carved piece by piece by hand carefully
  • A lateral groove in the center of the block allows the addition of an insulator in the final winding of the house. This insulation is docile and waterproof cushion. No attachment system or additional insulation is required.
  • This technique allows free for subsidence due to the wood drying openings. The house, drying, sits its weight permanently sealing the joints.
  • It is strongly advised to use the services of a contractor experienced in the methods of finishing houses Scandinavian.

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