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Handcrafted log home


The authentic Scandinavian log home, handcrafted log by log, is an art that offers a unique cachet.  With its natural warmth, each home reflects the beauty of nature.  Ecological, elegant and exclusive, you will be delighted by the charm and fragrance of a home built according to your taste and personality.  For hundreds of years, this style of house adorns the landscape of our country and others around the world.  Construction techniques have been improved, styles have been refined and quality has increased over the years.

The Scandinavian post and beam home, combining two types of wood – round and square in perfect harmony – is a style gaining in popularity.  Its contemporary design does not compromise the richness of its natural appearance but rather results in a totally unique dwelling.

Our architectural technologist will work closely with you to design the plans for your dream home.

Our skilled construction team, specialized in the finishing of log homes, will ensure that the rules of the art of this trade are respected.

For more information concerning the terms and time delays for construction, please visit the section How We Proceed of our website.


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