5 reasons to build a log home !


For many people, a Scandinavian log home conjures up images of vacation, family get-aways, the Holiday season at the cottage – unforgettable memories  filled with  sweet nostalgia.

Why invest time in elaborating blueprints, and building and finishing a log home? Why would one choose this option? Those who make this choice have this one reason in common – well-being, the desire to get back to basics and that sense of tranquility that a Scandinavian home offers through the warmth of its wood.


Your 5 Reasons for Buying a Log Home !

In order to understand, we asked several people to explain why they find the idea of a log home cottage so appealing.  Here are the top 5 answers:

  1. Comfort and tranquility: Living in a log home is like being on vacation 365 days a year. We relax, we unwind! We’re able to turn the switch to “off” .
  2. The aroma: Even after several years, we can still smell the pine scent! We are in the midst of nature while being indoors.
  3. It’s warm and welcoming: The feeling of “soul” that you get in a log home is unbelievable. It’s so welcoming that we want to show it to everyone.  People’s reactions are always incredible.
  4. It’s been our dream: Most people want a log home or cottage because it has been a lifelong dream for all the reasons listed above! Very often, it is from a love for nature that springs the desire to create a home in harmony with natural surroundings.
  5. The ecology: When you love nature and are aware of your ecological footprint, you realize that a home such as this is a gift to the environment.


An Ecologically Friendly House ?

What is, exactly, an ecological house? It is a dwelling in which the design, the construction and the functionality aim to consume the least energy and produce the least pollution possible in order to significantly reduce the production of greenhouse gases and hence reduce the pollution of the planet.  It is also a house that is built with natural materials while respecting the environment from which they are taken.

So, here are a few reasons why log homes are ecologically friendly:

  1. Energy required to make the material: 17 times less than concrete, 13 times less than steal, 54 times less than aluminium.
  2. Energy efficiency of wood: The logs themselves ensure an excellent natural insulation with an R factor of R 1.5/in plus its thermal mass.
  3. Durability of the material: Log homes have resisted hurricanes!
  4. Renewable resource: Wood is a natural and renewable resource that can be managed.


Wood Handled with Tender Loving Care !

Did you know that the technique used in building a Scandinavian log home requires that each log be sculpted by hand, by an experienced artisan so that each log will fit perfectly with the one on which it will lie. Neither nails nor screws are used to hold the structure together!

It is perhaps because of this tender loving care, that we have such a sense of well-being in a log home!  Whether it be a modest cottage or a majestic home, you will be charmed by both!